Toilet Seat Germs

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Studies — some done in hospital bathrooms — have found dangerous strains on toilet seats, including antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus (one of several "flesh-eating bacteria"), norovirus (the

Here's why you should always close the toilet lid when you flush. After seeding a toilet bowl with potentially infectious bacteria and viruses, the researchers found that the toilet dispersed the microbes far enough to settle on other bathroom surfaces, like the floor, the sink, and even your toothbrush.

Some 2,483 germs per square inch can be found on the handle of the kitchen kettle in a shared office, compared to just 49 found on a toilet seat. Even the tap conceals 1,331 germs per square inch.

But germs aren't only found on the seat itself. "Where you find the organisms in larger quantities would be the underside of the toilet seat, because that is not cleaned as often [as the top]. As

Mar 17, 2017 · Seat covers do not stop germs, they said, and you're not likely to catch an infection from a toilet, anyway. Toilet seat covers are absorbent and bacteria and viruses are tiny, able to pass through

Scientists at Leeds University tested the air above toilets and found that the germ, C. difficile, which causes violent bacteria and vomiting, can be spewed up to 10 inches above toilet seats with

Person Cleaning The Toilet Seat In Rubber Gloves Stock Image - Image of healthcare, plastic
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